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The Bernardian Medal of Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded annually by The Bernardian Foundation in the amount of $500 to an 8th grade student who is planning on attending St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School. The scholarship will be awarded to the top academic student from each of the following parochial schools: 

St. Bernard’s Elementary and St. Anthony’s in Fitchburg, 
St. Leo’s and St. Anna’s in Leominster 
Holy Spirit in Gardner 
and Country Day School of the Holy Union in Groton 

Scholarship winners will be decided by May 1st of the students 8th grade year and will be awarded at the 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony for each school. Students must matriculate to St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School in the fall following graduation from 8th grade. The award will be received in the form of a credit on the student’s tuition bill.